Wildlife in Eskdale

In a world full of noise and movement we rarely stand still long enough to truly appreciate the wonders of the natural world. In Eskdale may you find the place and moments of peace to capture in your mind the living world as it should be.

Stand or sit still long enough and mother nature will start to show her wonders, red squirrels hunt in the trees, birds of prey scour the skies, buzzards circle waiting for the fallen and the deer skitter though the forest with only a bark to warn of their departure.

Otters have been spied by the river poaching more effectively than any farm hand, while the Grey Wagtails and Dippers watch on like powerless water bailiffs, bobbing from rock to rock.

Go out at night to find the badgers patrolling the quiet woods, scraping out their next meal from the detritus of the forest floor. Meanwhile bats swoop overhead stealing away any winged insect that the squadron of swallows have missed during the day.

The fox is ever present lurking in the dying bracken, sudden death raining down on the farmers hens, the fox is ubiquitous but hard to spot, he will be in his peaceful place watching us journey through our busy lives.

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